Asian Semi-long Hair

Asian Semi-long Hair Sheet

The Asian Semi-longhair breed is also known as Tiffanie. The Tiffanie cat has the characteristics of its ancestors - Burmese and Persian Chinchilla -, being a docile and sociable feline, with an ideal temperament for a companion. Some people may refer to Asian Semi-longhair as Burmese Longhair. The American version of the breed is known as Tiffany-Chantilly.

Some cats of this breed can be more of a lap, like a Persian, while others are more active and outgoing like the Burmese, but always having a good personality. THE Asian Semi-longhair it is suitable for retirees, people who have never had a cat, families with children and / or people with other pets. Tiffany-Chantilly is also indicated as a travel companion and both breeds are not the most suitable option for people who spend long periods away from home.


The breed originated in the United Kingdom - despite the term Asian in its name, which actually refers to the breeds that were used to obtain it - around 1980. The Tiffanie is believed to be the result of an accidental crossing of a Persian Chinchilla cat with one of the Burmese breed. From this crossing came short-haired cats - which originated the Burmilla breed - and long-haired cats, giving rise to the Tiffanie breed. The breed gets its name because it is very similar to the American Tiffany-Chantilly, for this reason some associations do not separate the two.

Tiffany-Chantilly appeared around 1967, in the United States. Two cats - a male and a female - were adopted by Jennie Robinson, who started breeding the breed in 1969. Many people believed that Tiffany-Chantilly was the result of crossing the Burmese with some other breed, due to its appearance, in the However, this is not true as in the case of Tiffanie breed.


Tiffanie cats are good for apartments and can adapt to the most varied styles of life and owners. Due to their ancestry, these cats have moments of complete peace, in which they like to lie in bed and relax, but in the next moment their other side may appear and Tiffanie decides that he wants to join in an endless game. When treated with respect and affection, cats of this breed become long-time companions. Tiffany-Chantilly cats are talkative and like to receive the same attention that people usually give.

Very clever, the cat of the Tiffanie breed it can be easily trained, in addition to being the type that waits for its owner at the door of the house, ready to receive a caress or start a game. Sociable, the Tiffanie tends to live peacefully with other pets and his docile temperament makes him a good friend for children - Tiffany-Chantilly is usually reserved in the presence of strangers. Often, a feline of this breed is completely happy to be able to spend time on his human's lap. It is important to emphasize that this breed should not live in isolation or spend a lot of time alone, demanding a certain level of attention.


It is a medium-sized cat, with a solid and muscular body, more similar to the Burmese. When compared to the American Tiffany / Chantilly breed, this breed is slightly larger and heavier. Its face presents characteristics closer to the Persian Chinchilla, having a snout that is short, for example. The eyes are large, open wide and have a strong dark outline, the color is a striking shade of green. The ears are broad, with rounded tips and several tufts of fur. The Tiffanie cat has a semi-long coat, with fine and silky hair. Around the neck the hair is more dense than the rest of the body and the fur on its tail resembles a plume. The coat comes in five different colors: black, brown, blue, lilac and chocolate.

Cats of breed Tiffany-Chantilly they are known mainly in chocolate coloring, but during the development of the breed colors like lilac, fawn, black, cinnamon, among others emerged. The pattern also started to be varied and this cat can be spotted, spotted or fur in a ticking pattern (showing different shades of the same color in a single fur). Its coat is also semi-long, without a double layer and quite silky to the touch. Their eyes are oval and in shades ranging from yellow to amber, some have a slight shade of green around the iris, giving the impression that the eyes are golden. Both breeds reach maturity at around 24 months, when their coat takes on its definitive shape.

Specific Care

In spite of presenting a very fine and semi-long hair, the Tiffanie should be brushed weekly, as its coat hardly entangles and forms knots. The same rule is valid for Tiffany-Chantily, which shows little change of hair because it only has a coat layer, in addition, it is important that your ears are checked weekly to avoid accumulation of wax.


THE breed Tiffany-Chantilly and the Tiffanie breed are known to be healthy, without having - so far - any health problem of genetic origin or disposition for a certain type of disease. Tiffany-Chantilly needs extra attention in relation to its diet, as some specimens may suffer problems in digesting products derived from corn.

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