Cat Taro would love to be a lucky charm

The cute cat Taro in the video is a big fan of the little winking cat that sits on the windowsill in her home. She bravely tries to do the same for the lucky charm, but she only manages to lift one paw. "How does the miniature cat do that?" Taro seems to be surprised. But: As you know, practice makes perfect.

Stand on your hind feet and ... diligently waved off! The gray tabby cat Taro with the cute white bib raises her front paws and imitates her little winking friend as best she can. Then your real cat buddy stops by and curiously wants to explore the lucky charm. Then Taro nudges him lightly: "Place there, I can't really look like that," she says, correcting the fluffy troublemaker.

Maybe the cute cat means well and she waves with both paws to bring good luck. In fact, there are said to be waving cat figures - called Maneki-neko in Japan - who wave with two paws. However, these are considered exaggerated in their home country. In between, Taro takes a little break: practicing is exhausting! Her kitty keeps her company. Too cute!

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