What's up with pseudo-cat frozen cats?

All of Poland lived on this issue. What's going on after six months?

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All of Poland lived on this issue. A macabre discovery was made in the villa in Jadwisin. The living cats were taken into the care of the Animal Guard in Poland, where they were examined and treated, a few died, some were sent to temporary homes, others are still waiting in SDZ boxes. What about dead cats? Do we already know what were the causes of their deaths? What is the fate of the cat owner? Does she still keep cats?

The proceedings against Magdalena K., conducted by the Police Station in Serock, are supervised by the District Prosecutor's Office in Legionowo. The owner is suspected of an act under Art. 35 sec. 1 and sec. 1a of the Act of August 21, 1997 on the protection of animals, dealing with the killing and abuse of animals. - This act is punishable by imprisonment of up to three years - informs the deputy prosecutor Katarzyna Rynkiewicz-Smela.

- At the present stage of the proceedings, the opinion of an expert veterinarian is awaiting in order to determine the cause of death of the protected dead animals - informs the prosecutor The autopsy will most likely be carried out by Mirosław Kado, a veterinarian from Wieliszewo. Until now, the evidence has been under the custody of the police. Nobody opened the freezer and it didn't take a step forward.

Only in a month will the auditor submit his opinion. According to the prosecutor's office, the delay is caused, among others, by the number of dead animals and the need to thaw them prior to testing. The cost of examining dead animals was initially estimated by an expert at PLN 7,000. PLN. The final cost of the proceedings will be known after the case is closed. Due to the fact that the proceedings are conducted in the form of an investigation, the costs of the examination will be borne by the police. If an indictment against Magdalena K. is brought to the court, it is possible to apply for the costs of the proceedings to be covered in whole or in part, indicated by the court.

It is not known whether the suspect still takes care of the animals.

The prosecutor's office intends to order additional examinations, this time of the suspect herself. It concerns tests carried out by two expert psychiatrists in order to check the suspect's sanity. The prosecutor's office makes further actions dependent on these opinions and the conclusions contained therein.

used: Gazeta Powiatowa, Serock

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