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The Swiss White Shepherd is considered a breed independent of the German Shepherd, and is no longer called the White German Shepherd. This recognition was only possible after much discussion about various elements, such as the standard to be adopted and even the name of the new breed.

Although he is no longer linked to the German Shepherd, there is no way to disregard the fact that the Swiss White Shepherd was developed from the cross between German Shepherds, which allowed the transmission of striking characteristics of the breed, with the differential of the white color.


In the United States and Canada, White Shepherds gradually became a distinct breed. The first dogs of this breed were imported into Switzerland in the early 1970s. The American male “Lobo”, born on March 5, 1966, can be considered as the progenitor of this breed in Switzerland. The descendants of this male, registered in the Swiss Book of Origin (LOS) like other white shepherds imported from the United States and Canada, gradually multiplied.

There are currently a large number of purebred Swiss White Shepherds, after several generations, distributed throughout Europe. For this reason, since June 1991, these dogs have been registered as a new breed in the appendix of the Swiss Book of Origin (LOS).


The Swiss White Shepherd is balanced and calm, but if the situation demands it, he is alert and impatient. He is very docile, intelligent and has a high level of understanding of situations. He is a watchdog and a little suspicious of strangers. He is very attentive, loving and patient with children.


This breed has a slender and harmonious body. He is agile, muscular and has strong limbs. His ears are triangular, erect, always on the alert. Its tail is thick, shaped like a saber, tapering towards the end. The coat of the Swiss White Shepherd can be short or long, but always straight and thick.

Specific care

The Swiss White Shepherd is a very active dog, which needs daily exercise to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Daily brushing of the hair is necessary in the moulting season, so all the dead hair is removed.


The Swiss White Shepherd is a healthy breed, but has, however, some inherited diseases that he also shares with the German Shepherd. Dysplasias, especially of the elbow, have some impact on the breed. Skin problems, including allergies, stomach upset and rapidly wearing teeth are other problems to be aware of. With the white coat, the owners must be careful not to expose the dog to the sun when it is very intense.

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