On vacation: that must be in your dog's luggage

Are you going on vacation and your four-legged friend is accompanying you? Then you should think carefully about what you need in your dog's luggage. After all, you want to have everything your pet needs with you, but of course you don't want to carry around any unnecessary weight. If you want your four-legged friend to go on vacation, you have to put a lot in your dog luggage - Shutterstock / cynoclub

What you take with you as dog luggage for your four-legged friend depends, of course, on a number of factors. To do this, you should first ask yourself a few questions about your vacation: Where are you going? The goal and rough plan of the vacation are crucial: For example, if you are planning a beach vacation in a rather warm area, you should make sure that you always have enough water and cool packs or the like with you. Your dog can quickly develop a heat stroke in great warmth, so you should be prepared.

Vacation with your dog: your favorite food must go with you

But also general things should not be neglected when packing for your dog. The four-legged friend also wants to eat his favorite food on vacation, for example. Depending on where you are traveling, you may not be able to get your usual strain there, or it may be very expensive. It is best to take a sufficient supply of dog food with you. Tip: In the cool box, the food can withstand extreme heat and long car trips without any problems. The same applies to treats.

Traveling with the dog: that must be in your luggage

If you want to take your dog on vacation, the appropriate luggage must not be missing ...

More tips for dog luggage

Does your dog need medication regularly? Of course, these are at the top of the list for dog luggage. Other important things that should go on vacation: Even if you often do without a collar and leash at home: In foreign countries, it is firstly seen when you leash your four-legged friend - it is best to find out about customs in the target country - and second, it can also be safer for you and your dog.