Lakeland Terrier: How to become a good dog

When educating a Lakeland Terrier, you have to be prepared for a little stubborn, which can sometimes take a little longer. Overall, however, he is a nice and funny guy with whom the training has some special features. Young Lakeland Terriers have a lot to learn - Image: Shutterstock / cynoclub

When educating a Lakeland Terrier, it is important to find the right "tone" with him. If you want to get this sometimes stubborn dog to cooperate well, the best way to get it is to be calm and patient, to be gentle with it but to stay consistent and, in case of doubt, simply have the staying power. Under no circumstances should you be too hard on him.

Training with the young Lakeland Terrier

There should be little difficulty in socializing your puppy. The meek dog usually gets along well with other four-legged friends, and is not a guy who starts a fight or becomes aggressive. The clever four-legged friend likes to try out where his limits are and pretends to be a little prankster - but he is never angry.

You should definitely work on the hunting instinct of your Lakeland Terrier. Dogs in which he is born need a particularly consistent and very good upbringing so that they do not go on tour on their own initiative if their nose directs them onto a track. If you are not familiar with raising a dog with a hunting instinct, a dog trainer or dog school will help you.

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Education tips

In addition, you should start practicing with him early that he may be vigilant but should not bark at every sound. His bright, loud barking could otherwise disturb the neighbors. And another general tip: The more busy and happier the dog is, the calmer and braver you will experience him - so always make sure that he feels comfortable with you and that his attitude is adapted to the needs of the breed.