Vacation with the dog in the hotel: what you should pay attention to

Enjoy the best weeks of the year and leave your dog at home? For many animal lovers, this is out of the question. If you want to find the right hotel for yourself, the family and your four-legged friend, there are a few things to consider. Are dogs welcome in the hotel of your choice? - Image: Shutterstock / Ferenc Szelepcsenyi

If you want to go on vacation with your dog, good preparation is important. Above all, this includes choosing a suitable hotel. Because dogs are not allowed in every accommodation. And even if it is officially permitted to travel with four-legged friends, that does not mean that they are really welcome.

What does "welcome" mean?

Find out in advance, for example in forums or on hotel rating sites on the Internet, whether dogs are welcome in the hotel of your choice and how the staff deals with the animals. Does the system offer enough space for exercise? Are dog owners regular guests so that the loyal family member can also find friends? Are there even special leisure activities that you can take with your four-legged friend? If in doubt, just call the property and ask.

You should also find out what exactly it means that the dog is welcome in the hotel. Can he only go to the room or can you take him to other parts of the hotel? Inquire which areas of the hotel dogs are actually allowed to enter. If these areas are very limited, you may want to look for other accommodation.

Dogs in the hotel: additional costs

Holidays with the dog can sometimes be expensive. In many vacation rentals that do not specialize in guests with dogs, you have to expect extra charges per night if you take your four-legged friend with you. Depending on what you plan to do on vacation, you may have to buy tickets for your dog on public transport. If your pet is very lively, you should definitely take out dog liability insurance. Whether in a hotel, restaurant or elsewhere: With temperamental dogs it can quickly happen that something breaks. With the right insurance, you won't be left at the expense if a valuable item blesses time.

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