Dog was bitten: what to do?

Dogs usually resolve conflicts without dangerous physical exertion and bites. But if it does happen and your dog has been bitten, all parties should react correctly. In the event of injuries, the route should lead directly to the vet. If there was a bite during a dog fight, you should act quickly - Shutterstock / Victoria Antonova

Barking, growling, gnashing of teeth - a dog quarrel often looks as if both fur noses are falling at once. Most of the time, however, it is only a matter of harmless behavior or dominance, in which the order of rank is determined. Normally, the brawlers regulate this themselves without using the teeth. However, if it does get serious and your dog has been bitten, you should follow the tips below.

Dog was bitten: health comes first

If the worst comes to the worst and your dog has been bitten, you should immediately examine him for injuries. Smaller bruises or ruffled fur are usually no cause for concern. However, if blood flows or if you see signs of an injury, you should immediately go to the vet with him. They can check whether the other dog's bite has harmed you. For example, bacteria adhering to dog teeth may have been transmitted, which can lead to infection. It is also important that you let your four-legged friend understand after the bite that the danger is over by exuding calm and security yourself.

Tip: Bleeding wounds should be treated on site if possible. You can find helpful tips in the guide "First Aid for Dogs: Wound Care".

Intervene in dogfight: yes or no?

In most cases, a dog quarrel serves to clarify the ranking between two four-legged friends ...

Are there any damages after a dog bite?

Basically, in the case of "dog bites dog" the animal owner of the biter is liable in most cases. As the owner of the damaged dog, you can claim damages if your four-legged friend has been injured and had to be looked after by the veterinarian as a result of the bite. Then it is possible that the responsible owner has to take over the veterinary bill partially or even completely.

If your own dog shows aggressive behavior, you should stop it as soon as possible. Problem dog therapy may help you with this. In an emergency, it may be advisable to have dog liability insurance.