Cat Rosie takes care of kittens

Cat Rosie was saved as a tiny little orphan cat and raised by a loving husky lady named Lilo. Now the sweet fleece ball wants to pass this love and affection on to her little ones: In the video you can see how caring Rosie takes care of a kitten gang that has also lost her mom.

Cat Rosie knows from experience what it's like to be an orphan. But she also knows how nice it is to have a fluffy substitute mom, whom she showered with love and affection and whom you can snuggle up to. You can see how beautiful the rescue story of Rosie is in the video "Dear Husky Lilo adopts cute mini cat Rosie". Lilo and Rosie's favorite people take care of other foster kittens, pep them up and pass them on. The nine-headed rascals in the film are made up of two orphaned litters. Cuddly cuddle Rosie really takes on the role of the nursing mum for the babies, can be quietly pacified and gives the tiny creatures a bit of security. Your heart will open!

Husky lady Lilo also helps so that the orphans don't feel alone, as can be seen in the next video:

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