Choupette tweets: Luxury life as a cat by Karl Lagerfeld

Supermodel Baptiste Giabiconi made a mistake. He asked Karl Lagerfeld to take care of his cat Choupette. But he never gave the white house tiger back. Did two find each other there? Choupette at least discovered Twitter. Picture: Source: 2012 Youtube / netaporter

The fashion tsar, Twitter and me

Choupette even threatened Katy Perry with her claws: on Twitter, cat Choupette announced that she would extend her sharp tools to the US singer if Katy did not treat her master Giabiconi well. But Katy Perry stayed with Giabiconi just as little as Choupette. The French model had temporarily given his white ball of wool to his intimate friend Karl Lagerfeld because he couldn't take care of the little tiger over Christmas because of his packed appointment calendar. The fashion designer did his foster son a favor and - it looks like - found a friend for life.

Karl Lagerfeld: From cynic to cat lover

Because Choupette and the fashion tsar have been inseparable ever since. While the cat can even dine with her new owner at the table, she now has her own Twitter account. There, the white Siamese cat reports on the many luxurious things that millions of girls dream of every day. For example, the cat knows how to tell about her love for Chanel.

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